The Preferences contain all settings not directly related to video output. There are two ways to open this window:

  • With the shortcut Command-, (comma).
  • Click on ‘Preferences’ in the Videosync menu.

Preferences General

Menu bar

  • Status Item: Enables the Videosync item in the macOS status bar.
  • Show FPS: Shows the frame rate in the Videosync status item.


  • Check Automatically: connect to the Showsync server to check for new versions.
  • Check Now: checks the new item now.

  • Send Usage Data: Send us anonymous usage data so we can improve Videosync. This gives us general info about how often Videosync is launched, with which system specs and macOS versions.

  • Default Blend mode: Sets the default blend mode. The default blend mode can be overridden with a Properties plugin.
  • Default Stretch Mode: Sets the default stretch mode. The default stretch mode can be overridden with a Properties plugin.

Preferences IO

  • Master Syphon Out: Enables the ‘Videosync Master’ Syphon server which sends out the content visible in the Videosync window via Syphon.

  • Connect to remote Ableton Live: Enables connecting Videosync to an Ableton Live set running on a different PC.
  • IP address: Sets the IP address of the PC running Ableton Live.
  • File Search Path: Tells Videosync where to look for the copies of movie files contained in the remote Ableton Live set.

For more info about connecting to a remote Ableton Live set, see Networked playback.


If you have a license installed, this shows its information. Preferences License

  • Deactivate on this machine: Disables the license on this PC so that you can use it on another one. Note that two machines can simultaneously be active with one license.

If no license is installed, this allows to install one. Preferences License Deactivated

  • Buy License: Redirects to the website to buy a license.
  • Enable License: Allows entering a license key. Note that license keys have a format like id123456789012xyz and are sent to you via email after buying Videosync.

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