The Extender is an optional plug-in that contains a collection of settings for tracks or chains which are not directly available in the UI of Ableton Live. In this way, the Extender behaves differently than other plug-ins: only one Extender can exist on a track or in a chain. An example is the track’s blend mode. Blend mode is a setting that defines the way tracks are blended together. This setting affects the entire track on which the Extender is added. When there are two Extenders on one track, only the first one is being used. The other device will display a warning.


The Extender has different settings available depending on the type of track/chain it is added on. Also, some settings are not applicable for chains, and are disabled when the Extender is added onto a chain.

Since multiple chains can exist in a track, chains can have different settings than their parent track. Chains within a track can be blended with different settings than those used to blend their parent track with other tracks. Therefore, an Extender’s scope does not leave the chain. You can put an Extender on each chain in an Audio Effect Rack and also put an Extender on their parent track without conflicts.

Video Delay

On audio tracks, the Extender can define the video delay. This delay is different than the delay setting in Live. You can use this value to correct any latency inflicted by projectors, scalers or other intermediate hardware.

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