Videosync includes a number of effects and instruments for real-time video processing and generation. These devices will automatically be installed to your User Library.

  • BloomBlur: a blur effect with bloom capabilities.
  • Brightness & Contrast: a simple plugin for changing brightness and contrast.
  • ColorControl: advanced color operations.
  • Crop: a device not only used to crop video but also to stretch a texture for basic mapping.
  • Displacement: a displacement effect with displacement map input.
  • Feedback: used to create trails.
  • Hue & Saturation: a simple plugin for changing hue and saturation.
  • Keyer: a very versatile device with a luminance and chroma key.
  • Mirror: a basic plugin for a mirror effect and for flipping video.
  • Pixelate: used to downsample the video resolution.
  • Transform: utility plugin for positioning, scaling and rotating video.
  • Simpler: a video sampler based on the Simpler device found in Ableton Live. Read more.
  • Squares: draws squares when triggered by notes.
  • Syphon In: receives video via Syphon from other applications.
  • Properties: optional plugin that contains track/chain settings not available in Live’s UI. Only one per track/chain can exist. Read more.
  • Monitor: optional plugin that displays the connection state, frames per second and maximum frame time inside your Live set.
Your own plugins!
  • Plugin SDK: examples of custom plugins and instructions on how to build your own. More info here.

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