Simpler is a mimic of Ableton Live’s Simpler instrument. This device allows you to trigger video content with MIDI notes easily. Simpler buffers all movie frames in your graphics card’s video RAM. The number, length and resolution of movies you can use might be limited depending on your hardware. To lower the memory impact, use the ‘Start frame’ and ‘End frame’ to select a limited range of buffered frames from the loaded video.


When Simpler has not (yet) loaded a frame into memory, it will show ‘Frame not loaded’ in the Videosync window. If this is the case when loading is already done, try to lower the video RAM usage by changing the ‘Start frame’ and ‘End frame’ settings in other Simpler devices.

Playback modes

Like Live’s Simpler, the Video Simpler also has three playback modes. You can switch playback modes by using the tabs on the left of the device.


In Classic playback mode, video samples play during a note. This means that, when a note off is received, the fade out will be triggered. The playback speed depends on the note’s pitch. On note C3, the video plays at default speed. Notes higher or lower than C3 change the playback speed, if the Video Simpler is used alongside Live’s audio Simpler in a Rack with equal settings, the video stays in sync with audio.

The Classic playback mode also allows for some looping settings. These behave in the same way as Live’s Simpler, allowing the video to loop if the note is being held for a longer time than the loop length.

This playback mode works exceptionally well when triggering short video fragments which represent notes played by drums or other instruments.


In contrast to Classic playback mode, One-Shot mode keeps playing the video fragment even after a note has been released. This mode is particularly useful when you don’t have a lot of control over note duration, like when triggering video from electronic drum pads or drum triggers. If Gate is on, the fragment will fade out as soon as the note has been released.


In Slice playback mode, the video fragment is divided into some slices that can be triggered individually by MIDI notes. Videosync’s Simpler allows for two ‘Slice By’ options: Beat and Region.

Starting from note C1, notes chromatically upwards trigger the different slices. This playback mode is very interesting to jump to various times in the video fragment quickly.

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