Your First Video

Once Videosync is connected to Ableton Live, you are all set to start working with video. The first time you drag a video file into the Session View, Live tells you that it does not play video. Choose Don’t show again and press Ok.

Don't show again

After you drop a video file onto an audio track, you can launch, stop, mix, mute, solo, crossfade, loop and warp it like you would with Audio Clips. For basic instructions on how to work with the Session View, we refer to the Ableton Live manual.

If you don’t have video content ready on your computer, you can find some great footage on the internet, for free. beeple and SSWIII are examples of artists who release their video material for free under the Creative Commons license. Videosync plays all videos playable by QuickTime 10+, as well as HAP-encoded videos.

Using warped video files

Now you’ve got your first video playing in Live, you probably want to warp the clip for it to match your Live set’s tempo. To have Videosync warp your video files, you will need to manually save the clip’s warp markers by clicking the rounded Save button in the Clip properties.

Press save after warping

Read more about Warping and Looping.

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