System Settings

We use the following settings in System Preferences on a partition dedicated to our live performance.


Point & Click

  • Secondary click: On
  • Force click and haptic feedback: Off

Scroll & Zoom

  • Zoom in or out: Off
  • Smart zoom: Off
  • Rotate: Off a More Gestures
  • All Off
Energy Saver

Both in Battery and Power Adapter mode:

  • Auto graphics switching: Off
  • Turn display off after: all the way right, to Never
  • Put hard disks to sleep when possible: Off
  • Enable Power Nap: Off
  • Prevent the computer from sleeping automatically when display is off: On
  • Automatically show and hide dock: Off (this helps us build muscle memory)
  • Magnification: Off

Sound effects

  • Play user interface effects: Off
  • Play feedback when volume is changed: Off
Desktop & Screensaver


  • Solid Colors: Custom Color.. -> pure black (in case you accidentally quit Videosync when it is on an external screen)


  • Start after: Never
  • Hot Corners: all corners should be Off
Mission Control
  • Displays have separate Spaces: Off.

Now log out and back in to apply the Mission Control changes. This prevents the transparent menu bar on external screens typically used for video output to the venue.

App store
  • Automatically check for updates: Off
Hidden settings
  • Disable App Nap by executing defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES in Terminal.

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