Connection Problems

While the Videosync icon in the menu bar shows you whether Videosync is connected or not, the Output Settings window gives you extra information about the connection between Videosync and Ableton Live. When it does not display ‘Connected’, it tries to give you as much feedback as possible. Below you can find a list of possible solutions for connection errors.

Not Connected: make sure the Videosync application is running.

Connecting: this should only be visible temporarily when Videosync was just started, or a new Live set has been opened. If the status gets stuck here,

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of Ableton Live.
  • Make sure ‘Max’ isn’t running.

Control Surface version mismatch: reinstall the latest control surface using the Installer in Main Menu.

Ultimately, you can try to

  • Restart Videosync and Ableton Live, or even
  • Restart your computer.

When these steps did not solve your problem, please create a new topic on our forum!

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