Musical control over your video content, directly in Live

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A workflow you know

A signal flow you're used to from working with audio. Blend multiple videos across tracks, and use Group Tracks to control multiple tracks at once.


Tight integration with Ableton Live means you're not leaving the musical environment. Built on native macOS frameworks so you can play multiple HD videos with ease.

Battle tested

Videosync is the result of years of custom work for artists and events like Feed Me, Kölsch, Dekmantel and Asko/Schönberg ensemble.


Videosync includes many features like 10+ high-quality effects, a video sampler, support for Racks and Group Tracks, Syphon Output, External (Camera) Input, our Plugin SDK, and more....



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Get started by following our installation guide, watching SoundSuite’s tutorial series, reading our manual, or visit our forum.