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Videosync enables you to treat video as audio inside Ableton Live. Bring your visuals to life with Warp Markers, Racks, Macros, Simpler, Automation, Modulation, and much more.

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Arrangement View

Use Live’s musical timeline to craft audiovisual compositions. Blend audiovisual tracks, program visual instruments on the note grid and script video effects with automation.

Session View

All the tricks in Live’s Session View now apply to video as well, enabling flexibility while performing live, including Follow Actions, Group Tracks, Audio Routings, and more.


Videosync’s instruments generate content intended as a source for mixing, blending, keying or displacement. Simpler rhythmically triggers your video content, and the External In instrument fetches input from Syphon or any external video source.


With an ever-growing selection of visual effects, Videosync enables full control over your performance. Mapping and automating combinations of effects leads to surprisingly complex patterns and shapes, providing the visual freedom of expression you need to match all creative facets of your audio.

ISF Loader

Effortlessly browse ISF shaders to generate or manipulate visuals. Comes with a curated library of over 200 shaders, as well the ability to open any shader in an external text editor. Saving changes in the text editor are immediately reflected in Videosync.

Latest additions

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Create monochromatic and duochromatic gradients. Use Feather to go from a smooth gradient to two solid colors, while Spacing sets the distance between the two color planes.

Color Mixer

Manipulate the color and brightness components of an image. Select an optional sidechain source to blend the color and brightness of another track into the texture of the Color Mixer's host track.

Plugin SDK

The Plugin Software Development Kit allows you to build your own image effects and generators with an interface in Max For Live, an engine in GL Shader Language (GLSL), following the Interactive Shader Format (ISF) standard.

"12 high resolution screens controlled by one Live set, running for a month without a problem. I would call that robust."

Jaap Drupsteen, The Rhythm Painter

"The Feed Me With Teeth show is built entirely on Videosync and Beam. We use no other lighting desks or media servers. This has served us very well for multiple USA tours and various festival shows all over the world."

Auke Kruithof

Founder of Studio Rewind
"Videosync is the one software I’ve wanted and dreamt of having since starting to play live 15 odd years ago. It's constructed in such a brilliant way to match the general workflow in Live that it was literally no learning curve for me to get started with integrating visuals into my Live set. It's also a great tool for generating video content that's a natural extension of my music making."

Peder Mannerfelt

"I have been using Videosync in all my liveshows since the very first beta version. It's the perfect way to integrate video or animation content, and sync it perfectly with my music. It has added a completely new dimension to performing, and has never failed me. I have recommended it to all my colleagues, and cannot speak highly enough of it."


"Videosync allowed us to build this complex interactive show fully on Ableton Live. It has been touring for four years across five continents and has never let us down in presenting a premium experience for the most demanding crowds."

Luc van Stiphout

Head of Music & Brands and partner at MassiveMusic
"I've always wanted to see an intuitive tool that enables artists to relate to electronic visuals the same way that they can relate to electronic music. This means full live control with super precise musical timing that exists on the same timeline as the music does: terms like bpm, counterpoint and syncopation should apply to visuals just as much as they apply to sound.
Visuals themselves can be a type of music if approached like this, and Videosync is finally enabling people to make this wonderful ideal a reality."

Tarik Barri

Photo by Arash Bolouri
"With Videosync and Beam, building visuals and lighting together with my audio feels most like sculpting. I mix, blend and layer until what I see matches exactly with what I feel."

Nikki Hock

Audiovisual performer, lighting designer and installation artist
"For VISA at the Toronto International Film Festival, our outdoor interactive audiovisual architectural installation with chrome arches, infrared sensors, LED lighting and spatial sound was driven by Live and Videosync.

This was an ambitious, technically challenging project for a high-profile client, so robustness was paramount, but it ran non-stop for a week without any hiccups at all."

Pieter Willems

Operations Lead at MediaMonks Experiential & Virtual Events
"Ableton Live provides a very intuitive timeline interface. When building this installation, Videosync was invaluable to experiment with morphing visual parameters. Its Plugin SDK allowed me to program shaders on the fly without losing my compositions."

Matthias Oostrik

 Interactive installation artist for the installation Assen van Assen
"Beam is a game changer when it comes to musical lighting control. Designing a unique lighting counterpart for every note in every clip of the Feed Me show might sound daunting, but with Beam it was truly fun and the synergy with Videosync is unparalleled."

Michel Suk

Senior lighting engineer and show designer at Ampco-Flashlight

Multiple outputs

Use Live’s Return & Master channels as Syphon outputs, allowing up to 13 channels of video output into other applications.

Networked playback

Increase redundancy and spread workload in your live shows by running Videosync on a separate computer.

Format support

Support for all standard video formats, as well as HAP.

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  • Plugin SDK
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  • Networked playback
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Videosync Intro

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  • Session View video playback
  • Arrangement View video playback
  • Master Syphon Out
  • Works with Live 11 Intro
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