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Live integration

Live integration

Videosync Intro
Full video playback in Session View
Play videos on audio tracks in the Session View.
Full video playback in Arrangement View
Play videos on audio tracks in the Arrangement View.
Timestretch videos, adjusting their playback speed to the project tempo.
Audio Effect Racks, Instrument Racks, Drum Racks
Combine instruments and effects into Racks.
Send/Return tracks
Send video to Return tracks to use them as bus channels for video.
Group audio and MIDI tracks together, routing their video output to the group track.
Use the Audio From/To sections to route video signals.
Use volume faders and mute buttons to control opacity.
Crossfade between the A/B channels with video.

Advanced features


Videosync Intro
Master Syphon Out
Videosync can output the Master track's texture to other applications over Syphon.
Return Tracks Syphon Out
Videosync can output any Return track's texture to other applications over Syphon.
Blend modes
When tracks are mixed together into the Master output or when chains are mixed together to form the rack output, they can be mixed in several ways. Which way is chosen depends on the Blend mode setting in the Properties device.
Networked playback
Allows for running Videosync on a Mac, connecting it to another Mac or Windows PC running Live.
Plugin SDK
The Plugin Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for building your own image effects and generators with an interface in Max For Live (M4L), an engine in GL Shader Language (GLSL), following the Interactive Shader Format (ISF) standard.

Visual instruments


Videosync Intro
Creates a brightness-to-color table, which is used to map brightness of a sidechain input to color. Incoming MIDI notes define which parts of the table are used for mapping. Each note that falls within the note range`, activates the mapping of a part of the total brightness range.
A mimic of Ableton Live’s Simpler instrument. This device allows for easily triggering video content with MIDI notes.
Generate white squares on the screen using MIDI notes that can follow two different envelopes.
External In
An important routing element that allows you to use video signals from within Live, from other software using Syphon, or from external hardware devices.

Visual effects


Videosync Intro
A blur effect with bloom capabilities.
A simple plugin for changing brightness and contrast.
A plugin for advanced color operations. Its Dark/Mid/Light controls allow you to apply color based on the incoming image intensity.
Color MixerNew in Videosync 1.4Manipulates the color and brightness components of an image. Selecting an optional sidechain source will allow you to blend the color and brightness of another track into the texture of the Color Mixer's host track.
A device not only used to crop video but also to do projection mapping.
A displacement effect with displacement map input. By default it displaces its own input, but it can also use the output of another track.
Copies the previous frame onto the current frame, resulting in an echo effect. While copying, the frame can be scaled horizontally and vertically.
GradientNew in Videosync 1.4Create monochromatic and duochromatic gradients. Use Feather to go from a smooth gradient to two solid colors, while Spacing sets the distance between the two color planes.
A simple plugin for changing hue and saturation.
A very versatile device with a luminance and chroma keyer. It mimics the classic analog keying setup, allowing to set both the fill and the background images from sidechain tracks.
Use any ISF shader with ease and integrate it into your Live Set. Comes with a curated collection of over 200 shaders, including Generators, Filters, and Transitions.
A basic plugin used to flip and/or mirror the video.
A simple plugin used to downsample the video resolution.
Voronoi is a hybrid between a generator and an effect. Based on the Voronoi algorithm it allows both the creation and manipulation of images in a wide range of ways.
Utility plugin for positioning, scaling and rotating video.
A displacement video effect capable of enriching imagery by adding a variety of organically flowing and morphing distortions.

Utility devices


Videosync Intro
Contains a collection of settings for tracks or rack chains which are not directly available in the interface of Ableton Live.
Does not have any usable controls, but is there to display the connection state, frames per second and maximum frame time. This is especially useful when running Videosync remotely over a network.
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