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Videosync 2
open beta

Available for macOS and Windows with Ableton Live 12

New features

Windows support

Videosync 2 marks the first release for the Windows platform, offering a fully-featured application identical to its macOS counterpart.

New user interface

Videosync 2 introduces a new, streamlined user interface for both Windows and macOS. This elegantly designed interface brings together all essential settings into one convenient window.

Fully revised plugin suite

Every device in the suite has undergone extensive reevaluation and updates, with a focus on refining shader code to enhance both efficiency and the quality of visual output. Devices have been thoughtfully consolidated or separated based on their functionality, providing a streamlined and more user-friendly experience.

Lava by Tarik Barri

Akin to Voronoi, Lava is a hybrid between a generator and an effect. Its pattern creation and image manipulation algorithms draw inspiration from Brownian Noise, emulating the variability found in many natural systems, giving an organic quality to the plugin’s output.

Improved blending and alpha handling

All blending modes have been enhanced, and alpha handling has been refined for increased flexibility and precision in compositing.
Detailed insights and applications will be explored in an upcoming blog post.

Oklab blending method

Most devices that deal with color now include a toggle to switch to the Oklab blending method. Regular RGB mixes colors with linear interpolation over the RGB channels. Oklab mixes the colors according to the Oklab color space, which generally produces more uniform looking transitions in terms of perceived brightness and color.


Why an open beta?

With the closed alpha phase completed, Videosync 2 is now ready to be tested by a larger pool of users. This version, which debuts on Windows, incorporates significant updates across the application and Max for Live devices. The move to an open beta helps us capture a wider range of feedback, particularly as we anticipate the discovery of new issues due to the diverse configurations of user machines.
Please share your experiences or report any bugs or unexpected issues you encounter during the beta by emailing us or posting on our forum. For users requiring guaranteed stability for serious projects, Videosync 1.4 remains available on Mac.

Is Videosync 2 supported on Windows with Ableton Live 11?

For Windows, Videosync 2 is officially supported for use with Live 12 only. This is due to Live 11 being less stable than Live 12 when working with video on Windows, which means that we cannot guarantee the same level of reliability with Live 11 on Windows. Ableton Live 12 features an updated video engine which offers better stability and broader video codec support out of the box.

Can I use my Videosync 1.x license with Videosync 2?

Yes, users can keep using their existing license with Videosync 2 at no extra cost.

Can I still open Live Sets made using Videosync 1.x. with Videosync 2?

Yes, all Videosync 1.x plugins are now deprecated, but will continue to work with Videosync 2 and can be used alongside each other. Replacing 1.x plugins in existing Live Sets with their 2.x counterparts is not recommended.

What limitations does the free trial version have?

The trial version is fully functional but has a periodically appearing watermark in the Main output window.

How many computers can I use a Videosync license on?

A single license can authorize Videosync on 2 computers at once. A license can always be deactivated in the Settings window in order to free up an activation slot again for a new machine.

What are the requirements to run Videosync 2?

Mac: macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer with Live 11 or Live 12.
PC: Windows 10 or newer with Live 12.

I found a bug or have a feature request

Please get in touch with us at or start a forum thread in the Videosync Category!

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